It's never worth leaving them on the ground

  • I'd be honest and say that there isn't single skill that is worth acquiring. All of them are beneficial to some degree, and just acquiring one will not help you in OSRS Gold For Sale the long term. With that said there are a few suggestions as well as the reasoning behind them:

    Construction. In the event that you are able to have a portal room, a menagerie, and even a prayer altar, it becomes very beneficial. The portal room can be extremely helpful, particularly so for those who are just beginning their journey as an active member. Most of the teleports that you'll need are there. The POH can also be used for storage, as it can hold almost all the tools, the majority of books, and lots of other clothing and armour.

    Agility can also be very beneficial when it reaches 21. It is crucial so that you can utilize the Varrock-Edgeville shortcut. And getting it higher can be extremely beneficial in outrunning monsters, huge quest zones, or even PKers (true experience there). Achieving it to 21 should be among primary things that you do.

    The ability to summon is an excellent skill, but it's difficult to achieve it in a hurry. If you've never done it obtained 43 prayer, do it now with penguin points as well as the troll invasion DnD, and then put them to summoning. To be able to acquire the spirit terrorbird (level 52) is extremely rewarding and helpful. What I'm trying to say is...always take advantage of your charms. It's never worth leaving them on the ground.

    Growing herbs can be beneficial However, you could allow it to RS3 Gold go for a while. But I wouldn't consider it the only thing that matters to do. But don't forget it. Learn how to farm and increase it gradually. Around the time you reach level 30/35, you'll be able to earn quite regular cash out of it.