The whole point of having Prosylete is the prayer bonus

  • I've recently been given a Slayer task to hunt 20 Iron Dragons. Then I read the metal drag hunting guide and got a full pros. The equipment I own is: 72 Atk, 78 str, 70 def and 75 hp. In the book, it suggests bringing lots of prayers.

    Does this need to OSRS Gold be done? Or will I be fine? I'd rather not buy the product if I don't have to... The whole point of having Prosylete is the prayer bonus. If you're not going to make use of it, then don't bother using the Prosylete. I would suggest carrying around 10 Prayer potions that last for about 20 Dragons. At the very least, it's enough for me.

    Hello Elf Master here, and right now im doing pest control in high cb lvl and im getting alot of commendation points due to winning the vetren boat and i was wondering if i should save up for full void melee or buy exp in str so heres my calculation.

    Which ones are more valuable??? full 357k str. exp and do i need the deflector or mace that void is? People say i need the whole set to be good with it?

    Dragon boots are probably the most suitable item to wear to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold match that outfit, as it's melee. I'd suggest getting Barrows gloves over a Regen. All looks good, with the exception maybe the DFS, although I'd need more details on what you're going to accomplish using this set-up. I'm right now Training Slayer. Never bossed before. Hoping to boss soon.