These areas are all likely to be able to provide decent exp

  • Wait, maging in melee gear? Doesn't that sound like be a splash. Is there any quests I need to OSRS Gold do other then preist in peril (I better finish that one quickly!) The effectiveness of Slayer dart isn't dependent on your bonus, it's only affecting the force you strike with it so it's better to use melee armour to get better defensive bonuses.

    Slayer Dart accuracy is affected by your mage bonus (go take out metal drags the rune and compare it to Mystic, you'll notice that there is a significant difference). Damage however, isn't. You will hit the same in mystic as in rune.

    As for the black Sally really only worth it if have a very high defense level or are using barrage/blitz as well to sidestep. Sally is a tad more reliable than slayer and it seems to hit more frequently at 70 mage than slayer dart does at 70 mage. If you're not 85+ def or 82+ magic, you could as well utilize slayer.

    78-80 Attack shouldn't take any time at all, perhaps two days, or one week if you work take it slowly. Personally, I would train on Green Drags, or Blue Drags in Taverly Dungeon if you uncomfortable in the wild. It's a slow process. however, it's decent in terms of cash flow.

    If you're looking for an experience. and speed, I would choose Yaks, Experiments, Flesh Crawlers (SHoS) or possibly Rock Crabs. These areas are all likely to RS 2007 Gold be able to provide decent exp. As well as being fairly casual and low risk.