The players have been living in cities from the beginning

  • In the previous episode the player who wants to NBA2king make the transition from novice to a legend, it'll take a long time perfect, and will require a certain amount of time to build up enough fame to be able to make it into the world of basketball. A brief description of the upgrade path in "2K21" is very fresh in my memory. The episode that I am watching is MyCareer, it's much simpler. The players have been living in cities from the beginning.

    They only need to slowly learn about the individuals and things in the body. Every season is a fresh way to increase progress. the improvement can begin at stage 1. To level 40. In terms of additional missions, the game provides a very interesting "weekly event". Each week, there will be a new track through the city of basketball.

    Players need to use various methods of transportation, such as an inflatable skateboard, and will need to buy a Roller Blade. cycling, and even Kart for a ride to complete the race at the fastest speed. On The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S cross-platform games, the winner with the fastest time will be awarded 1.25 million VC.

    And the player who isn't able to finish in the first place will also get points, such as MVP points. VC along with experience and points. . In the very first series of "2K22" the most prestigious event will be Chips Ahoy! A weekend-long challenge, the winner player also gets 1.25 million VC!

    ProStick's expert rocker shooting system that had a high degree of Buy MT 2K22 PS4 difficulty in the first episode was found that it was difficult for players to learn, even the cover character Dame. Of course, the factory considered the opinions of gamers and changed to a brand new shooting system in "NBA 2K22", and even pointed out that it may be one of the 2K versions from the past.