The second question is more challenging

  • I want to know if people think I should stop being a beginner and start training in RuneScape Gold a range (perhaps with a little def for the armours). This is not a aim to get to the level of 60 and then end. I would love to be able to reach 80+ the range. It's such cool skills. I used to say that if I scored a 99 while remaining level 5, I would consider moving up in combat. Ranged is something that sticks out for me. But, I did enjoy practicing with it, even though I was only able to reach level 67.

    As I mentioned in the past, my goal was or is 99 Fm. I'm at 88 atm. So far, it's been great however, I'm running out of maples to burn and money. Maples are cheaper and are more efficient than willows. The issue is that I've got 62k cane willows in my bank, which I was going use for firemaking.

    But burning 62k is a bit overwhelming. This was something I wasn't aware of when I purchased them. Now I'm trying to trade them to maples (I can chop yews in order to earn money for maples when required). Should I stick with maples and sell the willows, or burn the willows (will take a long time, I'm guessing)?

    My ideal level is 21, and I've been told to use Firestrike for training. What should I train on? How do I find monsters appropriate for my level? The second question is more challenging. It is possible to practice magic and other skills while I'm training it. I notice my hitpoints and defence increase when I'm fighting which is good but are there other skills I should be training at the same time?

    I would like to eventually play pvp. What skills are necessary to Buy OSRS Accounts be a successful magician? The last thing to consider is how important is my armor when fighting monsters or pvping. Do I have to purchase more armor when I'm learning or once I have mastered my skills?