Andre was very disappointed to not be made mod

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    The First Fighting: Andre was becoming a excellent clan member with a 300-post count. As they discussed ways to make it to as many events and activities as possible, gtasa3610 suggested that there was an incoming mod. This was Gaia Andres second-best friend and best friend in clan. Andre and a few others were promoted to the mod position. Andre explained that this was due to the fact that he had rezoned to be mod:

    I've been in clans both up as well as down. I was involved in avenging the souls. I also think that I would make a great mod because I've been around for for a long time and can be relied upon:

    Andre was very disappointed to not be made mod. He was also saddened by the fact that Bulbylover who is one of the clan members, was promoted. While I apologize for the situation, I want to avoid hurting Bulby's feelings. But I don't believe Bulby was a great mod (from what I could discern).

    Andre had an idea. So he created a thread and asked for opinions. A lot of Buy RuneScape Gold people said no. Others said yes. Andre did not use any insulting words at him during the fight.