The Zamorak quest is looking good

  • It appears that you will not be able to choose against Tuska at RuneScape Gold this Sobend. This is solely about Tuska. I believe everyone will be forced into the same team against Tuska. Or, they will form multiple God teams that will play each other in PvP. The ultimate goal is beating Tuska. That's what I think it will be, or it would be unfair since it will be all Gods and Godless against Tuska.

    They must give Zamorak some attention. The Zamorak quest is looking good. It could be an entertaining and serious quest, which might bring more people to Zamorak, the God of the Big Three, which currently has fewer.

    Jagex should not offer too many laughable choices for voting that are a bit sloppy. Being aware that the RuneScape Community will win it's a pity that a quest with potential to be extraordinary has been turned into an absurdity.

    Ports update, they're basically giving us the same thing they promised us last Runefest. They're trying to disguise it as some kind of update. They promised the new T85 weapons last time and gave us only the ones that were ranged.

    I'm hoping they'll create something new and exciting with 2007 RS Items Wilderness. Everything they've released to revive Wilderness has not worked, such as the Crucible. Warbands is a hit but it's very limiting and makes the Wilderness alive only for just a few minutes every day.