The state of the wilderness at the moment is perfectly fine

  • SORWT SOF attempts to OSRS Items keep cash flow flowing from a community that's shrinking because of the aging population and the people who stop playing and so on. The SOF doesn't solve any of the issues previously mentioned. It's a low-cost solution to an issue however it is causing more. I am not a CFO, and I do not have access to the financials, but the constant adjustments suggest that it's not working as intended.

    There are many issues with it, starting with the obvious rules modifications made in order to make it more appealing (RWT!). This is what most oppose. Also, it has nothing to do with the gameplay (RWT!).

    A real world marketing budget that addresses the issues I raised & (hopefully) bring in a new generation of players, or return of those that have left and could be able to be able to see ":thats the way it is today?" The guaranteed monthly cash flow problem could be solved. Television, print & games store advertisements on a large international basis will not be cheap, but.

    It's because they do not have the money or the time to repair the bots before moving to the next. Or they simply want to spend the money. My preference? Give the SOF free spins. If you give them the right details, you'll be able to access an entire new world of cash.

    I don't like the idea of the wilderness being single or multicombat-only. All skillers will focus on single combat, meaning that the multicombat realms will be empty - with the exception of Buy RuneScape Gold a few large clans who waste their time searching for one another. The state of the wilderness at the moment is perfectly fine. Yes. Yes. There is no point in going to a multi combat world if you are not skilled.