The Standard Edition is available for purchase

  • We have everything you need about Madden 22 as the release date gets closer.Mut 22 coins will be released globally on Friday, August 20th, 2018. Pre-order Madden 22 and get three days of play time on August 17th, Tuesday. Pre-orders not only give you early access to the game, but many other features. We explain these below.

    Madden 22 is available in three variations: Standard, MVP, and Dynasty. You also get extra perks with each upgraded edition so you'll pay higher cost. We'll detail exactly what you'll get in each edition in the following section (all benefits only come with the pre-order).

    The Standard Edition is available for purchase. Standard Edition if you do not play Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). The upgraded editions provide franchise rewards, however, only MUT players will be able to benefit from them.

    When fans reached an impasse in the last year because of the lack of updates for franchise mode, EA Sports finally listened and implemented some changes. EA Sports promises "more detailed staff management and progression of skills systems, along with a complete weekly game strategy that is integrated into your game plan" in franchise mode for Madden 22.

    EA Sports promises that franchise mode will be improved throughout the year through "live service updates". EA Sports already has one that is scheduled for cheap madden 22 mut coins release in September. It will also include an update to player monitoring.