I think you raise an excellent aspect

  • I think you raise an excellent aspect. It's one that I've, in RuneScape Gold my opinion, completely forgotten. It's one thing however, it's also a way for people to buy real-world munny experience. This isn't fair to the players who have been playing for years and earned our status through hard work.

    Jagex is well aware of all the complaints about the grind and believes that exp. points from contests for givaways (like SoF) and quest rewards, and letting players level up without working for it is what people want.

    Many online games have seen a decline in subscriptions to paid services due to economic difficulties. It is sad, but RuneScape has a decline in its player base. Jagex's aim is to create an enjoyable game and make a profit to their shareholders. As players, we both appreciate Jagex's business goals and embrace the product that makes us customers of Jagex initially. We have a deep care for future of the company and game that we've come to love so very much.

    Sal's Realm is passionate about RuneScape and believes it's an excellent product. This is due to the love Jagex has for the players and their desire to make RuneScape a great experience.

    Jagex's financial performance is under scrutiny due to the ongoing economic hardships. Many players are now curious about how Jagex will keep the company in the black for the upcoming fiscal year. Many other games have relied heavily on subscription-based models for many years, however, many of buy cheap osrs accounts the most popular free-to-play games have used micro-transactions. This is where virtual benefits and goods are provided at a very small price in the real world.