It's more about why they are used rather than what you do

  • All this brings us to OSRS Items the question of: Do you have a Slayerdart? Or fire blasts or wave attacks? Or don't you use magic at all and was this topic an absolute waste of your time? Do not make this a poll. It's more about why they are used rather than what you do. Okay, then explain to me why people use slayerdart regardless of the fact that blood runes were less expensive than death runes.

    This thread will present my speculation and may provide useful evidence. If you'd like the new skill to remain a complete surprise, then stay away from this thread.General Premises - Known facts about the new Skill.

    This section deals with three premise that should be taken into account by anyone trying to gain an understanding of the new skill... The first is that the new skill can be utilized to both P2P and F2P. (See evidence).

    The second premise states that the new skill is based on the core gameplay mechanics of ThirdScape's canceled micro-transactional MMO. This implies that whatever skill is, it has to function effectively as a game component of an MMO. The evidence (RSOFQF 13-14-746-60289341. Mod MMG Q&A. Questions from The 39th Guy. MechScape Post #30. + statements similar to this).

    Mod MMG: You time ago said something about Thirdscape:"We are actually developing a brand new game mechanic. It could be a complete game or just a skills. Or both. That will be for Buy RuneScape Gold members and for free. However, it should be in the coming year. We'll not be able to share the news, but it's thrilling.