Von Miller cracks the top 10 edge rushers

  • Training camps are currently in Madden 22 Coins full swing and that means fantasy football drafts as well as delusional sports take-offs are coming up as is Madden 22, the new video game. Each year, a teaser is released. It reveals the overalls of Madden players that are in the top 10 in their specific area or position. No surprise, Denver Broncos OLB Von Miller is among the top 10 in edge rushers. However, there's some controversy about his origins.

    Along with Miller's overall rating of 93, he also received an 85 for speed, an 88 for acceleration, 88 for agility, an 93 for alertness, and a 92 when it came to tackling.

    Do you treat others with respect and do you not disrespect others?Miller's position in the top 10 is not surprising. Madden 22 was respectful from the overall 93 rating. However, Miller's position in the second quarter of the top 10 ranks is not certain.

    One could point to Miller missing the entirety of last year with a tendon injury in the context of. These types of narratives shouldn't exist anytime soon for athletes, especially after Adrian Peterson returned from a meniscus tear, an ACL, and MCL tear and was able to run for over 2000 miles.

    Can one say that Miller dropped a step? Sure, but one can be able to Buy Mut Coins say that they fly. If you watch the tape, Miller is still top 5 when it comes off the edge, and the data backs that up.