Easy ways to save money and to be safe from COVID

  • The COVID 19 crisis has impacted negatively on people's lives all over the world, affecting not only our health but also our lifestyles, jobs, importantly global economy, prompting the closure of a number of department stores owing to quarantine and dangerous conditions. Many people lose their jobs because of the unfavorable circumstances and situation, leading to the financial problems.

    From this point of view, money becomes more difficult to earn as people are likely to save it rather than spend it, especially during this hard time. It's critical to examine expenditures and focus spending on the most necessary products in the middle of the pandemic. Promotion, on the other hand, allows individuals to pay less and save more money, while pre-order save you from the risk of pandemic.

    What you can do to save more during this recession? There are many strategies that will help you overcome financial issues and have more money left in pocket, starting with the reduction of expenditures.

    The reduction of expenditures will help you to save more and allow you to gain other advantages. However, it may not be easy for everyone to reduce on daily spending but it isn’t impossible. Imagine if you could cut down your daily spending for a year or more that may make more money left over in your account which would be enough to send you on a trip overseas, as traveling is a dream that many people have. Each location has its own unique beauty and its charm. It's a fantastic way to learn about new cultures and delicacies, as well as a fantastic way to de-stress from stressful situations. Vacations to other continents are quite costly. Nevertheless, there are a lot of promotions about travelling and trip that may help you pay less, or to continue your education after the pandemic is over. Since education is one of the most important aspects of society, but it might be out of reach for some individuals due to the high cost of tuition fee. As a result, you should set aside a percentage of your everyday spending for education to improve your life through classroom learning because the higher education might help advance in careers.

    You can cut down expenses by first, keep track of how much money you spend each day. Keep track of all of your everyday expenditure, such as food, transportation, entertainment, clothing and so on, so you can analyze and see how much money you spend and what you spend for in a day.

    Second, avoid paying at full price by only spending during promotions, purchasing on sale, pre-ordering ahead of time rather than going out, and so on. Try to purchasing sale items rather than paying a higher or full price for a product of comparable quality will make left more significant money in your wallet than before.

    Pre-ordering (รับหิ้ว) is a service that allows people to receive the items they want without having to go out and wasting their time. It also allows you, as a customer, to save money on things like transportation, meals, parking fees, toll roads, and more, especially if you live far away from stores and malls. You may make your shopping more beneficial by pre-ordering things that are on sale, which will undoubtedly save you more. You can get products for a lower price than usual. This is an opportunity for you to be safe from the virus and acquire those products that are worth purchasing all at once. But, as we all know, there is always a crowd at a sale. People don't have as much purchasing power as they used to because of COVID 19, so they strive to pay less or buy things just when they're on sale to cut their spending and have more money left as much as possible. If you're short on cash and want to stay away from the crowds to avoid contracting the sickness that's now sweeping the country, the best option is to pre-order. You are not required to take any risks. You also won't have to stand in a line to purchase discounted things because pre-order providers will do it for you. You can obtain what you actually want from the store to your house with just one click. It's both secure and worthwhile. Pre-order, on the other hand, will not only save you from the crowd, but also allow you to enjoy with new experience of online shopping if you shop and pre-order with us on our website. To protect yourself from the risk of the epidemic, you can easily shop and purchase items at home.

    However, shopping can sometimes cost you a lot more than you need or cause you to overspend your budget, which is not a good strategy. It will bring you to worthiness and cost-efficiency if you know how to shop efficiently. Shopping can also aid with stress relief, although it can be unpleasant in and of itself.

    Another way to reduce expenses is looking for ways to save money on things you don't need. Once you've figured out your budget, try to eliminate or cut back on the less critical goods. It may be time to make some changes if your expenses are so high that you are unable to save as much as you would want. Decide which non-essentials can be cut, such as entertainment, high-end products, dining out, and so on. Look for ways to cut costs on your monthly fixed expenses.

    Cutting unnecessary spending sometimes may be difficult for some people, because some things can be used to satisfy and fulfill desires. You may respond your needs and earn additional advantages or privileges at the same time by participating in promotions such as free samples, vouchers, and coupons, others.

    Due to the steep drop in total sales of many stores, shopping malls, and several brands, sellers are losing a significant amount of money. People would rather save money than shop in this time, forcing many brands to offer a variety of promotions in order to encourage trading, attract more buyers, and maintain their business. Therefore, promotions were created for you, as a buyer, to pay lesser and save more.

    Promotions (โปร) are becoming more and more popular as a way to attract more consumers and buyers. It's probably that it's one of the factors that buyers consider today while making a purchase. You should prefer to buy a product with a promotion over without one because promotions allow you, as a buyer, to save money and gain additional benefits while also increasing the cost-efficiency of the product. After purchasing something from the store, you may obtain vouchers or coupons for your next purchase. Those vouchers and coupons will cut the amount you will pay next time, such vouchers and coupons will help reducing the cost of the products and the total expenses when you purchase. Not only you will be able to save more money, but you will also be able to gain some privileges from the brand. Another one of the most prevalent types of sales promotions is "buy one, get one free." Offering two products at a reduced price for a limited time provides a sense of urgency, which is beneficial for you, as a customer, because you will only have to spend the same amount of money but acquire more products. It is well worth purchasing. 50% discount is similar to this as it allows you to pay less. To illustrate this, if you used to pay a t-shirt at 500 baht, since the promotion, you have to pay under the same budget, 500 baht, but get 2 t-shirts instead of 1. Or, you only have to pay for a t-shirt at 250 baht instead of 500 baht due to the 50% discount. Sometimes, you possibly will be given free samples of things you've never tried or considered before. As a result, you can decide whether or not to buy it after trying the free samples they provided, even though the samples are provided to promote the product. You still benefit from this deal because you may not wish to buy after using it, reducing the chances of wasting money. Some stores, they provide special discount for some lifestyle. This promotion appeals to a certain target audience. It's a term that's used to designate a specific profession, age group, or demographic, such as student that is often seen, teacher, or someone under the age of 25. For example, if you are a student, you will receive a 15% discount on all items in any participating stores. Alternatively, if you are under the age of 25, you can enter for free in some places. This is a type of benefit that you will receive as part of the offer.

    Growing and cooking your own food can be another option that will absolutely save you from going out which means that you won’t have to face with outside risk, and help you pay less. During the quarantine, cooking kills two birds with one stone. You not only save money, but you also get to enjoy the relaxing and systematic process of cooking. Another major advantage of cooking is that it allows you to develop your skills. Maybe you have a hidden culinary gift just waiting to be uncovered. You can also try your hand at making possible income by selling your meals to neighbor and online. But, if you are not a cooker or not good at cooking, you can order food under the promotion, vouchers, and coupons which will help you pay a lot lesser than buying from regular price.

    You can also save money by canceling needless subscriptions and memberships. Now is the greatest moment to see which of your monthly subscriptions will help you survive the pandemic. Gym memberships, theater monthly payment, streaming services, meal subscription, and many more are obviously useless at this time. You may find that at least some of your subscriptions are well worth the money, but you may be able to cancel some of your less-used subscriptions right immediately to save money on a monthly basis and before they charge you anything. Once things have returned to normal and the quarantine has been lifted, you can always reinstate your membership when you want.

    One last thing you should never miss during this hard time is motivation. Drag yourself out from sadness, disappointment, depression, and sorrow. Stay positive and motivated. Try new things and find yourself and achieve your goals. Don’t give up yet because this is going to end soon.

    To sum up everything that has been stated, saving money during COVID is important as it should be practiced for future that is hard to predict. The pandemic may end sooner or later. We don’t know that. Therefore, to prepare yourself from any situation should be an essential practice. The pandemic may last for months or years which means that you have lost a significant amount of income while gain more burden of expenditures during the unfavorable time. However, it is never too late to start your saving now by starting with cutting unessential expenses and try spend sale items under the promotion rather than regular price in order to pay less and to spend effectively. More importantly, your health is the most important concern. Try to avoid crowded place as possible by pre-ordering or anything else that might free you from the risk of getting infected. Other important things to do, excluding saving money and stay safe during the coronavirus, are to have a clear goal, motivation, positive thoughts. Even the situation is unpleasant but believe that every cloud has a silver lining. You may discover yourself among this chaos. You may find a new job that might suit you better than the previous one. You may have more time to consider yourself and your life goal and everything. This is your chance of healing and getting better and stronger. Who knows, after the pandemic you might be a chef because you just find out yourself enjoy cooking much more your old occupation.