You must pre-order!


    Pre-order is a service that was created for shoppers who are unable to go out shopping by themselves or who are unwilling to go out. It allows those kinds of shoppers to get what they want without wasting a second of their time. They can get the ordered products directly and authentically from the stores to their hands. Pre-ordering (รับหิ้ว) is generally done to save time for shoppers. When they pre-order something, the only thing they need to do is just wait. You, as a shopper, may just sit at home and order a product with a single click on the pre-order page. This can absolutely save more time from having to go out and purchase it yourself. Save your time for things that are more important to you, such as studying, exercising, eating, and ETC. For people who live far away from shopping malls, stores, or other places where goods can be purchased, pre-ordering may be the best option. You will no longer need to drive or take a taxi to go buying things, instead, you will simply need to pre-order. It is more convenient and worthwhile.

    To sum up everything that has been stated, pre-order makes your life easier by saving your time from going out and saving your money from additional payment. So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order now!