How to make your shopping worthwhile?

  • Set budget

    Setting budget when shopping is very critical. Many people overspend on goods they don't want, need, or unnecessary use because they don't have any spending limits. This is not a wise approach to shop. Set an approximate figure or a more accurate figure on what you're shopping for to back it up for how much you'll spend on this time, what you're comfortable spending, and what makes sense spending on this shopping trip.

    Shop sale items

    Buying sale products doesn't mean that you should be in a hurry to buy something that's on sale (ลดราคา) even if it's not necessary for you during that time or it's something you don't want, but it means that you better buy a product that's currently on sale, rather than buying a product at a higher or full price under the same quality. Buying items at a discount gives you more money left to do other things that you need, or even more money left over to buy other things you need to sustain your life. For example, the A shirt is 50% off while the B shirt is not discounted even though they are both made of the same material. So, you should buy an A shirt because it's more cost-effective and save more.

    Shop only items with promotion rather than without one

    Buyers can save money and get additional benefits by participating in promotion. As a consumer, you will be surprised by a variety of cost-cutting strategies. Shopping during promotion or purchasing products that accompanied with promotion (โปร) will make your shopping experience more fun and enjoyable because you will receive many privileges for instance, a free sample, which will help you decide whether to buy it or not without wasting your single baht. If you use that product and like it, you might just buy it again. However, if you don't like it, you absolutely won’t buy it. As a result, this helps reducing the risk of buying unwanted products. Buy one get one free is another common promotion (โปรโมชั่น) that you shouldn’t miss as you get double of things you buy under the same budget. To illustrate this, you used to pay 400 baht for a shirt, but since the promotion, you must pay the same amount, 400 baht, and receive two shirts instead of one.


    Pre-ordering (รับหิ้ว) is one of the services that service providers offer as a promotion. It enables consumers to acquire what they want without wasting time, as pre-ordering is done largely to save customers as much time as possible, and the service was created for individuals who are unable to go out shopping alone for whatever reason. Furthermore, pre-ordering allows you to save more money. If you enjoy shopping but live a considerable distance from a shopping center, pre-ordering is the ideal answer because it allows you to receive your chosen items immediately from the store. As a result, you'll have more money in your pocket or in your savings account because you won't have to pay for extra transportation. You may also need to buy food if you go shopping at the same time. When individuals go shopping, it's natural for them to take a break by eating something tasty, which is often more expensive than the products they intend to purchase. Therefore, pre-ordering is another way to make your shopping more worthwhile.