What will you get from promotion?

  •   Promotion is something that anyone who hears it will surely like it. Because promotions not only make our shopping more enjoyable but also make all our spending worthwhile.

      Successful businesses understand that sales promotions are one of the most effective ways to enhance sales, customer happiness, and brand awareness. However, it works! The promotions a company provide not only help their sell higher but it also responds to customers’ need, making them so satisfying.

      What will you get from those promotions? You, as a customer, will be surprised by many different strategies that were made for your cost-efficiency.

    Buy one get one free promotion

      Buy one get one free is one of the most common sorts of sales promotions. Offering two of popular products at a discounted price for a limited period creates a sense of urgency, which can attract shoppers because you, as a shopper, will only have to purchase under the same budget but get more of the products. It’s very worth buying. For example, you used to pay for a shirt at 300 baht but since the promotion, you have to pay under the same budget, 300 baht, and get 2 shirts instead of 1.

    Free samples

      It is referenced as one of the best sales promotions. You will be offered free samples of the products that you might never try and consider before. Therefore, you can make decision whether to buy it or not after you use the samples they offered for free even in fact, they offer you samples in order to introduce the product. You still get the advantages from this promotion because after using it, you may not want to buy, leading to reduce the possibility of wasting money.

    Life style discount

    This promotion is very attractive to specific target group. It is used to describe a specific profession, age group, or demography such as student, teacher, age under 25, and so on. If you are a student, you will get 15% off for every item. Or if you are under 25 years old, free entrance. This is a kind of privileges that you will get during the promotion.

    Vouchers and coupons

    After you buy something from the shop, you will possibly get vouchers or coupons for the next purchase. Those vouchers and coupons will help you to save more money from buying as it cut out some % off depending on coupons and vouchers. You will not only can save more but also pay less. To illustrate this, every 500 baht of your purchase, you will get 15% off voucher and it’s able to use next time buying. Therefore, next time you only have to pay 425 baht instead of 500 and save 75 baht.

       After reading this you probably change the way you shop. Try to shop during the promotion because there are many things that help your purchase more fun and you will get many privileges. If you love those kinds of promotion, see promotion (โปร) here!