You can see more records in the infographic underneath

  • You can see more records in the infographic underneath, including which motors and customization gadgets have verified the most popular.

    "We debated for pretty a while what the fine manner to RL Items show you our gratitude changed into," Psyonix wrote on its internet site, "until we found out that the answer became to maintain doing what you need us to do--to preserve assisting the sport with new arenas, new storage gadgets, new sport modes, and new DLC; to test with greater Rocket Labs and to growth our presence within the world of competitive gaming.

    "And so this is precisely what we're going to do. We're going to make our next 52 weeks even better than our first. We're going to give you all the matters we noted above and then we're going to provide you with some greater, because you deserve it. You're our community and you're our buddies."