Check out the motion-packed Rocket League Season 1

  • Check out the motion-packed Rocket League Season 1 trailer underneath and get a primary study a number of the cosmetic rewards you’ll be able to Rocket League Trading unlock via the Rocket Pass and Challenges.

    A new season way a brand new car at the courtroom. If you buy the top class Rocket Pass, you’ll be able to get in the back of the wheel of the bulky Hummer-like Harbinger. The pass will cost you 1,000 credit. However, if you climb thru all the indexed degrees, you will earn yourself six hundred credit toward your subsequent bypass.

    If you’d like to test out the rewards for all 70 tiers of the Rocket Pass, you can do so at the Rocket League web page.

    The rewards in the premium song include two frequent black marketplace decals, a new intention explosion, and a chain of different cosmetics. Players also can attain 3 variations of the Ronin supercar, every one greater difficult and luxurious than the subsequent. The rewards on Rocket Pass 6 are also a collector’s dream. Players will get painted versions of Rocket League Item Prices items each tier after 70, including goal explosions and the Ronin supercar.