Rocket Leagues Regional Championships simply were given loads

  • Rocket League’s Regional Championships simply were given loads more competitive. Psyonix multiplied the prize pool for all Regional Championships in this season of Rocket League Trading the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). The information comes just two days after the organisation canceled the World Championship because of worries over the coronavirus.

    “We evaluated subsequent steps and are making the Regional Championships the pinnacle of Season 9,” an legit blog post reads. “Because of this, we are adding $250,000 of extra prizing to the Regional Championships throughout the four areas that had been set to compete at the World Championship.”

    The more prize might be RL Prices divided between the teams who would have certified for the World Championship if the match would take region. North America and Europe had the most important growth in prizes, but the new department additionally advantages South America and Oceania.