Vague assertion thru its Rocket League Twitter account reading

  • Later on, Epic clarified with the aid of announcing, “We are persevering with to promote Rocket League on Steam, and feature now not announced plans to Rocket League Trading stop promoting the sport there. Rocket League stays available for new clients on Steam, and lengthy-time period plans may be introduced inside the destiny.”

    Psyonix additionally issued an similarly vague assertion thru its Rocket League Twitter account reading, “Rocket League is and remains available on Steam. Anyone who owns Rocket League thru Steam can still play it and might sit up for endured aid.” We still don’t understand what's going to take place whilst the sport necessarily does come to the Epic Games Store (EGS), but it certain feels like it may emerge as an EGS specific.

    That results in considered one of a few possibilities. Epic and Psyonix might also definitely no longer have hammered out the part of the deal that could dictate exclusivity, and that would come down at a later date. Alternatively, Epic could be waiting till the backlash dies right down to RL Prices make the statement, much like how Gearbox Software found out the primary Borderlands 3 trailer in overdue March and waited approximately every week to verify EGS exclusivity.