Rocket League that stealth hit that combined genres

  • Rocket League, that stealth hit that combined genres before going supernova in 2015, is getting any other certified tie-in - this time within the form of large-time wrestling advertising, WWE. The partnership will see a few new 'rasslin-associated gadgets brought to Rocket League Credits the mixture, even though the developer hasn't officially revealed what they'll be just yet. The series could be hitting the game this spring.

    There's additionally plenty of other official tie-ins coming to Psyonix's vehicular footie romp, which includes a DC crossover that brings a new set of Batmobile designs to the game (due to the fact you can in no way have too many Batmobiles). It'll also encompass plenty of different superhero-related objects for your motor. This little percent is due on fifth March.

    So extra stuff for Rocket League, and WWE stuff at that. Will you be including a little Undertaker hat on your automobile or maybe a Stone Cold cranium to Buy Rocket League Credits your antenna? Let's simply wish there may be not anything Roman Reigns associated in there...