Bless Unleashed Guide - What is Soul Crystals and how to use th

  • Bless Unleashed Soul Crystals are rare items you simply get from defeating rarer bosses, but the MMO is a smaller amount clear on what you're actually imagined to do with them.

    You have a pair of options for a way to spend your hard-won Crystals. one amongst them is unquestionably not worth some time, however.
    Bless Unleashed Star Seeds
    How to get Soul Crystals
    Bless Unleashed rewards you with Bless Unleashed Star Seeds Soul Crystals for defeating Unique Bosses. you'll only tackle these field bosses with other players, and every region has only one Unique Boss.
    However, Adventure Dungeons have three Unique Bosses to challenge. Whatever your method of choice, the boss' HP will scale looking on what number people are in your party, so keep that in mind.

    What to try and do with Soul Crystals
    Soul Crystals have only 1 use: exchanging with the Monster Hunter NPC in various towns. He offers several special goods for Soul Crystals, but you wish to watch out what you get.
    The Monster Hunter NPC gives you a choice of boss boxes or skins for Soul Crystals. do not buy the boxes — or if you are doing, confirm it's one in every of the upper level ones.
    The boxes he sells are the identical ones you get for defeating the eponymous bosses, e.g., the Bone Dragon box is what you furthermore mght receive for defeating the Bone Dragon. The difference is you get the boss drops at no cost. the things inside are random and regularly disappointing, but getting low-level gear from a random drop is far less annoying than spending items to urge disappointing equipment.
    Unless you simply have a surplus of crystals and wish to spend them, we recommend saving them for the Monster Hunter's unique cosmetic items and skins instead.
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