NBA 2K22: Suns fans think Cameron Payne's in-game ratings are t

  • In the NBA playoffs last season, Cameron Payne from the Phoenix Suns had a very good performance. He took his game to a higher level and successfully helped the team enter the NBA Finals.

    But if you Buy NBA 2K22 MT see his score in the most well-known basketball simulation game NBA 2K22, you may never believe this. In fact, after reading the Payne score recently released by NAB 2K, many fans and even the players themselves think this is too unreasonable.

    Cameron Payne's rating in NBA 2K22 was 76, while his rating at the beginning of last season was 77. How to put it, his game has become better but the score has dropped?

    Payne responded to this on Twitter. He thought he got better last season, but the rating was lowered, which is crazy and unbelievable.

    Others also have a lot of complaints about this.

    Regarding what people think about Payne's score in NBA 2K22, someone launched a poll on Twitter. In total, more than 30,000 users voted. And 89% of voters agreed that the NBA 2K22 MT score of 76 was too low for Payne.

    6.3% of people think the rating is appropriate, while 4.9% think that Payne should not even have a score of 76.

    If you watched the NBA playoffs last season, you know that Payne is an important part of the Phoenix Suns' success in the playoffs. He is a substitute for Chris Paul, averaging 8.4 points and 3.6 assists for the team per game.

    What is your opinion on this? In any case, NBA 2K22 is about to be released, and more and more player ratings will be announced. Do you want high-rated players? Welcome to UTnice and buy the cheap NBA 2K22 MT. After that, you can choose your favorite legendary players at the auction house and build a strong team.