World of Warcraft TBC Classic: How to start Serpentshrine Caver

  • If you are a WOW Classic player, what you need to know now is what adjustments should be made to enter Serpentshrine Cavern as soon as possible, because the second stage of TBC Classic adds this raid to the game. In addition to Serpentshrine Cavern, the raid pool in the second TBC Classic Gold stage also has Tempest Keep. This means that we will bid farewell to Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's lair and enter the new 25-man raid. Continue reading this article and you will see our detailed introduction to SSC.

    Serpentshrine Cavern Attunement
    In order to purchase Coilfang Heroic key, you first need to get Revered with the Cenarion Expedition. Then enter the Slave Pens Heroic and kill the first boss, speak with Skar'this the Heretic. Finally you need to kill Gruul the Dragonkiller and Nightbane.
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    How to get the quest The Cudgel of Kar'desh
    First, you need to enter Coilfang Heroic dungeons. For this, you need to achieve respectable reputation in Cenarion Expedition before you can purchase Coilfang Key.
    After entering the dungeon, you need to kill the first boss with your teammates. Then you need to look for Skar'this the Heretic, because you can get the quest The Cudgel of Kar'desh after talking to him

    Acquired The Cudgel of Kar'desh
    This is the second step, you need to go to Gruul's Lair with your teammates. You only need to kill Gruul himself, so you can directly pass the first boss without fighting. Most players can bring him down with ease, so this may be the easiest one of all battles. Before proceeding to the third step, you need to find The Cudgel of Kar'desh next to Gruul's body and put it in your backpack.

    Summon Nightbane and kill him
    The third step is more complicated than the previous process, and some additional steps are necessary. First you need to adapt to the Karazhan raid because you need to enter it. If this is difficult for you, we recommend that you study it in our previously published guide article.
    After everything is ready, Nightbane needs to Buy TBC Classic Gold be summoned by you or your teammates. This involves a quest chain given outside karazhan, which will see you do Heroics and fetch quests. Don't worry, as long as one person can do it. When Nightbane appears, your task is to kill him and loot his belongings. Then return to Slave Pens Heroic and talk to Skar'this again.

    After the above process, your team can start preparing for Serpentshrine Cavern, which will be a difficult challenge. If you want to pass SSC more easily, then you can go to MMOWTS for help. There you can spend some money to buy TBC Classic Gold, and then upgrade your equipment to make your character stronger.