Amazon's New World - It is breaking away from traditional MMO

  • When mentioning massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or the so-called MMORPG, many players will think of some common characteristics: such as a grand fantasy style world, a rich class system, and an arena dedicated to fights between players. However, the MMO formula composed of these elements has also made this type of games have undergone greater changes over the years, although most MMORPGs are currently very popular with players.

    And there is a game that tries to break out of the traditional MMO frame in other ways, and it is the New World MMO that will be released on August 31. The game was developed by Amazon Games Studios, and after many delays, the game finally met with players. Judging from the content that has been leaked so far, the experience provided by the game is not completely different from traditional MMO, but some of the bold ideas are likely to affect or even change the future of this type of game, which is worthy of the expectations of MMO fans.

    What's more exciting is that you can now pre-order the game on Amazon or Steam or register an account on the New World official website to apply for the opportunity to participate in the closed beta. The test has started on July 20 and will be on August 2. End of the day. If you are still not interested in this, please continue reading this article and let us introduce the highlights of New World. You can also visit the official website of NewWorldCoins to get the latest game information and the cheapest New World Coins.

    There are no longer strict class restrictions in New World
    In traditional MMORPG, when you encounter this situation, what do you do? You want to play a magician now but your current character is a warrior. It took you 200 hours to upgrade his level, gears and skills to a satisfactory level. Under normal circumstances, you can only give up this memorable warrior, create a new magician character and start your adventure again.

    But this is not the case in New World, which is what makes the game different from many MMO. You can travel on Aeternum Island without choosing the class of your Cheap New World Coins character, and your character is not limited by weapons and armor. You can choose your favorite gears combination at will. If you want to have both melee and long-range attacks at the same time, you can hold a long sword and carry a musket on your back. If you like to fight away from the enemy to ensure safety, you can use your wand to cast magic while using your bow and arrow. If you like to use weight to crush everything in front of you, then fighting with two warhammers will allow you to maximize your strength.

    The character's skills and various special abilities also depend on the weapon you use. For this you need to kill enemies continuously to improve your mastery of the weapon. This also provides answers to the initial questions. If you are already an experienced sword fighter, but suddenly want to use magic to fight the enemy, you don't need to completely abandon the original route. You only need to change your current character with your favorite staff and Gradually master new spells in battle.