New World MMO: Players can choose different houses in the game

  • Amazon Game Studios will increase the influence of New World through a new video series. This time they detailed the player's housing, which allows this game to continue its unique design style. In the video, we can see two player-controlled characters looking for a suitable location on the island of Aeternum, and then building their "forever home". This plot is reminiscent of a daunting real estate show on TLC.

    In this video, players can visit some of the houses Amazon provides to players in the game. The series of videos is named "Settling Down." Judging from the content shown in the video, players not only have a variety of houses when looking for houses. Optionally, you can also make furniture for these different styles of houses.

    The video shows an empty house in Everfall. According to the introduction, it is like a "blank canvas." The player-controlled character can change the interior design at any time according to his wishes. Not only that, Amazon also reminded players in the video that they can fish on the shore. Of course, fishing on Aeternum Island requires risk, and you may encounter corrupt army or Ancient Guardians wandering nearby at any time.

    It is worth noting that you need to pay a certain monthly tax to Settlements for your housing. You can keep pets caught during the journey at home, or use the resources on the island to produce furniture. In general, New World tends to allow players to create a space of their own to achieve personalization. Players can relax in the house and enjoy the convenience brought by various trophies after the intense adventure.

    In this MMO without a mount, the house has a very useful function to help you cross the map faster, because you can set the house as a recall point. If you want to know which properties are available for purchase after the game is released, you can view the video on the official website of New World. The video also contains many tips and guides on the housing system. The importance of New World Coins is well known by more and more players, and the game will be officially released at the end of August. If you want to gain an advantage in the early stages of the game, I recommend that you go to to buy legit New World Coins, so as to buy any items you need at the auction house.