New World may be the most similar MMO to the Dark Souls

  • At present, there are a group of players in the game industry who really want the MMO version of Dark Souls. Maybe they can try New World developed by Amazon Game Studios, which will be released at the end of August.

    Many players have had a very positive reaction to New World, because Amazon launched an official preview of New World. Before that, they launched a game called Crucible, but it was not welcomed by players, so the development team had to make further adjustments to the game for the second release, and New World was very popular to Amazon Game Studios. That is exciting news. In addition to the similarities between New World and Dark Souls, people also found that the game has beautiful scenery and fierce battles. It can be said that these similarities have improved the quality of the game to a certain extent.

    New World also seems to put Amazon Game Studios back on track, eliminating some of the past failures. In general, New World is a traditional MMORPG, which is full of fantasy elements such as magic and historically accurate weapons, and the background of the story is the 16th century Aeturnum island. Three different factions will compete for settlements and resources on this land, so as to survive the attack of various monsters.

    New World chose to combine PvP and PvE gameplay as the main selling point of the game, which seems to have achieved good results, so the latest MMO is not as focused on PvP as the original version of the game. Many aspects of the game draw inspiration from Dark Souls, and you can see this in the game style and narrative. If only the game screen is discussed, you can hardly see the difference between the screenshots of New World and Dark Souls 4. Obviously, under the influence of games such as Dark Souls, the tone of New World is dark fantasy, and combines fantasy history elements and world construction.

    The new world is also very similar to the soul of darkness in terms of aesthetic connotation. Whether it is a monster design similar to the demon in the Dark Souls, or a medieval-style character design, armor and weapons will make you feel this. You can visit NewWorldCoins to get more latest guides about New World MMO. After the game is officially released, will also sell cheap and safe New World Coins, so stay tuned!

    In New World, players need perfectly-timed dodges, blocks, and attacks to survive on the island of Aeturnum, which is also very similar to the battle in Dark Souls. This similarity allows players to be precise in every detail of the battle, so you need to plan ahead and think about strategy. Obviously, Amazon Game Studios was influenced by Dark Souls when developing New World.