WoW TBC Classic: The Arena Tournament will arrive in July

  • The release of TBC Classic allows players to fully enjoy the fun of PvP. From Ruins of Lordaeron to Ring of Trials, players have become the most frequently visited area. In response to the enthusiasm of the players, Blizzard decided to hold the TBC Classic Arena Tournament in July to celebrate the return of The Dark Portal and the birth of WoW Arena.
    From July 23rd to 25th, players and fans can watch the game live on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. The prize pool of the first TBC Classic Arena Tournament is as high as US$30,000, which will be distributed in the two participating regions of Europe and America. As the best Arena competitor in Outland Classic TBC Gold Adventure, players who rank in the top 10% of all contestants can also get the unique title-Vanquisher as a reward.
    Blizzard hopes to showcase the long PvP history of World of Warcraft and the enthusiastic atmosphere of the community built around this theme for more than ten years, because the expansion of Burning Crusade occupies a special place in the arena culture of World of Warcraft. Many familiar faces of players will appear in the game and serve as commentators, as well as some surprising special guests. Players can also learn about some of the best Arena PvP skills.
    The format of the game will be a duel between two 3 members teams. According to the different stages of the game, the competition system will also be upgraded from a two-win-of-three system to a three-win-of-five system. Until July 9th, all players can register as contestants, provided that you have found two companions as your teammates. Players in North America or the European Union need to go to the local GameBattles to register. After the registration period is over, offline group matches will be held on July 17th and 18th. Only the top eight teams in the best-of-three games can enter the next stage of the competition.
    These eight teams will compete more intensely during the weekend of July 23-25 ​​to compete for more prize money and CAT championship titles. The game at this stage will be played in the form of a best-of-five game and will be broadcast live throughout the whole process. The eight teams will be allocated a prize pool of $30,000 based on the final ranking, as shown below:
    First: $5,000
    Second: $3,500
    Third: $2,000
    Fourth: $1,500
    Fifth/sixth: $1,000
    Seventh/eighth: $500
    At present, Supatase, Venruki and Ziqo have been confirmed as full-time commentators for this game, and some special guests and mysterious commentators who WOW TBC Classic Gold have not yet announced will join the event as the game progresses. At present, all players who are playing TBC Classic can already experience the arena function in the game, so before the end of the registration period, you still have enough time to find like-minded teammates and make economic contacts. Your character hasn't reached level 70 yet? Don't worry, you can experience the convenient and fast boosting service in MMOWTS. In addition, they also sell the cheapest TBC Classic Gold on the market. If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact them.