WoW TBC Classic: Feral Druid still faces a long-term issue

  • When World of Warcraft Classic was first launched in 2019, the vast majority of players believed that the remastered MMO game should be as pure as it was then, providing players with an intact vanilla World of Warcraft experience. Now that more than a year has passed, some players no longer insist on this stance, and begin to accept repairs to the original weaknesses of the developers. After the release of TBC Classic, Blizzard also took some adjustments and changes to the expansion, Buy TBC Classic Gold adding some new concepts.

    One broader change which has recently hit the wishlist for Feral Druid players revolves around tweaking an old Burning Crusade system change re-introduced in last week's pre-patch, which dampens their DPS output. However, software engineer Brian Birmingham said that in the future In time, feral Druid players could not see these changes.

    Birmingham had been interviewed by game media before the release of WoW Classic Burning Crusade. During the interview, he explained that changes will only happen when "fit the design intent at the time, but the implementation doesn't really match the intent" in the case of.

    For example, the attack power in the Dire Maul North tribute World Buff in WoW Classic has been repaired, as explained by Birmingham. Not only that, the most widely spread example so far is Paladin players receiving each faction's seals in order to ensure the parity originally intended back in the day in WoW Classic

    The system often changes the way the game provides resource ticks due to various situations. These changes are positive for spells such as Innervate and Evocation because it further increases the damage of these spells. However, changes will also bring side effects, that is, slowed the Feral Druid power shifting rotation, resulting in lost DPS. Although a inherent trouble for Feral Druid players throughout TBC, Birmingham maintains that it is still aligned with the design intent when the system update was first introduced back on patch 2.2.

    In other words, even if TBC Classic has been re-released, feral Druid players will still not be able to obtain a formal solution to this problem in the future. At least Birmingham thinks this is not very hopeful, because Blizzard will maintain the patch 2.4.3 system when the Dark Portal opens. But at the same time he also encourages players not to give up hope, because the studio is currently actively discussing this issue and will pay attention to the progress of this issue in TBC Classic.

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