The LocalDefense channel allows players

  • The initial transition from Vanilla to TBC was handled in WOW TBC Gold the way that they changed the "Classic" client to TBC and also added "Classic Era" as a new choice for downloading. All characters were transferred to "Classic Era", and both the "current" as well as the "Classic Era" versions were disabled. The next step was to select which one you would like to activate. This will stop users from using the other copy (the majority of users activated only the TBC version).

    Imagine Warcraft's name. We haven't seen much of it in vanilla , or TBC. Warring between alliance and horde, apart from battlegrounds there isn't too much happening.

    What would happen if Blizzard did not launch TBC however, instead they released an expansion that was basing itself on the foundations laid in vanilla? There are foundations that include neutral battlegrounds, neutral pvp areas and a chat room known as "LocalDefense" (I had trouble accessing it because I didn't know the exact title) factions, factions, and other things.

    The expansion I'm imagining is actually a war between alliance and horde that you must fight over neutral zones in order to the control of Azeroth. There are more adventures and flight routes when you're in charge of a particular zone. When attacking a region, you get specific quests to aid your faction in gaining control of that area. You don't have to kill 10 raptors and level up to maximum level to take part in the battle. When you've taken control of one zone, you can receive new quests to ensure your control. The zone can change dependent on the faction who is in charge. Horde is controlling it? Alliance only has two outposts. It has to be moved slowly. PvP in the world with NPCs fighting with each other as well as players. Secure ressource transports to other zones and defend them against the enemies faction.

    The LocalDefense channel allows players to communicate with each other and declare enemy attacks on outposts/towns. Your side can collect the resources gained from winning battlegrounds to support their war efforts. Every neutral zone is given the benefit of a brand new battleground. Alterac valley is winterspring and Warsong = barrens and so on. Make sure you quash any bg's or zones that require your assistance. Every effort in war allows you to buy better equipment at any level. You can also earn ranks for your faction and access to mounts/tabards and further gear. You can make use of your professions to create items needed to win war.

    There's a lot more to this concept than pure vanilla but I'm yet to read about a follow-up.

    This design has flaws that I'm aware of. For instance, the difference in max level characters and faction imbalance. This has made me realize that there is a lot of cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold potential in WoW although it was already an incredible game.