You may have heard that I just finished Plague's

  • If I had to pick one 99 Prayer is it. Since I was not RS gold an expert in 2006-07, I didn't believe I would be able to afford it. 99 Attack was a great first fight in 99.

    My few accomplishments in PvP include single - and clan-PKing. I would like to believe that I was a decent F2P PKer prior to EoC, and I was really satisfied that my very first gallery reached 100+ kills. My 400-500 kills were posted on Sal's. This was spread across three to four galleries, as well as a myriad of other subjects, including random kills. It led to old PvP members saying that I was Sal's top F2P PKer (this is the reason my RuneScape King title and Witch King titles are so special to me lol). I dunno, I never felt I did anything extraordinary, but to have people congratulating me on my kills is something I take some pride in I guess.

    Also when in a Sal's Clan Section topic about the perfect clan I was selected as a member on a good number of user lists for the clan section, which is something I was proud of since at the time I was just an average level 105ish combat player.

    I was praised during a 3xtermination vs Silverdawn, and another clan member XshinobizX (who was later a member and the leader of DF), for my good tanking. Some of their members said that every time XshinobizX made a pile of me, he'd get upset and start screaming about how few bindings he could hit me and how long it took for me to be killed. It's a shame that I can no longer find this topic. It was the first war where I felt that I had an impact. The war was were still defeated, but well haha. The war was bizarre. It was meant to be some sort of training/tank testing war that all clans were involved in. We did not fight in GDZ. Instead we fought as Chaos Dwarves.

    I also did fairly well in the battle against UBH (I think). But, I believe I was the only one who was praised in that case due to the fact that they weren't impressed by the other 3x members.

    You may have heard that I just finished Plague's End and have unlocked Prifddinas. The past few days were filled with exploring the city as well as performing tasks for the Elven clans.

    It's a beautiful place even though I always thought it had a bad reputation. But I can easily see why everyone loves it. I've always been a fan of cities that are dark and gloomy such as Edgeville as well as Draynor. It's atypical for me that I like a place that is so clean and modern.

    However, everyone knows that clan structures are the main element of Prifddinas society and Elven society. There are eight distinct clans each having their own territory within the city. Which clan(s) do your guys prefer, and why? Let's not forget clan leader. You can like the OSRS buy gold leader and not be interested in the clan they belong to.