And then of course Wrath is still at 1 because

  • I'm also aware that there are issues with this game that WOW TBC Gold require a solution, like the differences in the levels of max level characters participating and fresh characters or faction imbalance. I am now aware of the potential of WoW, even though it was already an amazing game.

    This is something that I've never heard of , but I am eager to find out more. I'm not sure what the process would be, considering the games the game was based. But, I do have a good understanding of the beta version that I've never read. Any idea where I can get more details about this? Ty, Cheers

    Imagine starting with a faction that was based on your race's faction. Based on what you attacked and what missions you took on, you'd increase or decrease factions from other races. Humans could be friendly with undead and do undead-related quests.

    It would have been an excellent idea. There's for me no better feeling than getting out in the world and having random , friendly or hostile encounters with other players. I find it odd that an MMo would have to work to support small organised groups that exist outside of the real world.

    Which leaves WoD at 2. WoD is now at 2. Did you take these mongrels see you DIE? It was a film they put their heart and soul into. It's a pity that the expac wasn't able to make the same dedication. It was pure epicosity

    And then of course Wrath is still at 1 because it's impossible to beat the intense shock of that openingline "The day you were born the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name ....Arthas". Wrath is amazing for me. I first heard of this game during the tail end of BC. I was given a free trial during sunwell patch. My first experience with launching content was the Zep to Howling Fjord. It makes me feel like a kid again lol.

    Vanilla and TBC The Vanilla and TBC are my most preferred options. They truly capture the essence of the world. There are warlocks burning the buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold ground under their feet. Druids are running through the forest doing shapeshifting. It's almost as WoW.