Aside from certain weapons and boots

  • I'm a Summoning tank and am in desperate need of RuneScape gold charms. They are difficult to acquire on my own and I don't have any friends who would be willing to share theirs. So, I'm offering the possibility of paying (per charm). I'd prefer if we could make it happen in the Chaos Tunnels, since it's all multicombat and has many monsters.

    I'm on my way to a Magic Skillcape, untrimmed. Do you have a suggestion for an outfit? It would be ideal to have the outfit cost less than 2M. But, please offer suggestions for any suggestions. This will allow me to save money for other things. It doesn't need to wear the hood, but if you think it goes well to the outfit, simply note the item. We appreciate your understanding, guys.

    You may also suggest quest items. Don't use Mobilising Armies Rewards for me. I have 80 Defence, 81% Attack, 70 Prayer and 88 Strength. This is to help in the availability of armour. I'm P2P and will be until I can imagine.

    They shouldn't raise the skills to 120. It's just speculation. Jagex states that Dungeoneering is increased to 120 since it is unable to be fit into 99 levels. They also say that they do not intend to increase the limits for other abilities. Everybody is asking what other skills will be raised to 120. While I initially was against the idea, I soon realized that many skills are becoming more accessible and could be the main reason to raise other skills up to 120. Here are some of the skills that may be raised.

    Smithing. It is a clear option to be raised, because of Dragon. Jagex claims that Dragon Ore could be released. When asked questions about it, they didn’t give a straight answer however they did say that it could not be able to have a happy ending. It is likely that this was an ode to the Dragonkin. But, I'm off the topic. Dragon material is extremely rare at the moment. Why? It is not because my Dragon is weak.

    Aside from certain weapons and boots, it's not often used in the game simply because in the time it has taken Jagex to release all of it (and did they release everything? Barrows and Bandos now have better armors. The price would be lower if Dragon could be improved to be smithable, which will increase its popularity.

    Initially, I thought that there was no reason to increase this as all of the major Rangeing armor fits perfectly and we don't require additional D'hide items. Then, I realized something was missing: Magic. Crafting can be used through Dungeoneering, Stealing Creation, and Stealing Creation to make Magic Robes. In the present we are unable to make Battlestaves. Magic can also make cheap RS gold use of new armor.