In reality, 9.1.5 is just 9.0 but it's been fixed.

  • Because you didn't do anything during the game to WOW TBC Gold earn them, they're easy to forget. The best mount using credit cards, or invest a few hundred hours in the process of obtaining another bird that has been recolored. You will be rewarded for your efforts; stores mounts will make the other mounts unworth the effort since they require many more resources while you'll get much less

    I spent over 750g on my paladin quest mount. If I'm riding on the ground, I'll use my premium edition mount. This may apply to you, but even at retail, the majority of people don't purchase achievement mounts in that length because they don't actually look attractive.

    Now say you farm ICC for several months to achieve Invincible. It's like getting a level 4 for effort (because time is invested) to earn the level 8 reward. There's less of a gap between effort and reward, but there is greater effort needed to obtain an amount of money that is not worth it. It is possible to click a few times to get the best mount available, or you can farm several months in the same raid over and over for a less appealing mount. In the end, Blizzard have made it so that no one is a fan of mounts any more. The mounts available in stores can be claimed as a waste of effort because they are included in the game itself (6-month subscription). Don't get me wrong it's awesome to be able to access the top features within the game without having to put into any effort. You feel like you've cheated or won in a significant manner. It's not nice to be forced to be extra determined to receive lower rewards. This is also the issue for mythic raids , which is why people don't spend a lot of time trying to get rid of mythic. It's because you'll just replace it with the heroic version at the next level or so, which is about just two weeks compared to months.

    It was similar to Naxxramas. It was Naxxramas that did this. They ran into this issue with gear, and then they had the same issue with mounts. Blizzard is the king of making players feel like they are wasting your time. Then sub numbers drop and the anti-QoL system is finally fixed after the game has been put to rest.

    In reality, 9.1.5 is just 9.0 but it's been fixed. This means that the new content won't appear included in the game until 9.2 which, in reality, should have been the original 9.1. This is why many don't want to resubscribe for 9.1.5. The actual new content won't become accessible until 9.2, when you can actually play the game using the fixed systems to play the game.

    The daily schedule would be mandatory should tbc be developed prior to 2021's and blizzard. They'd be tied to the character's power and if you didn't do them, you would fall behind everyone else. You'd also get this power by doing heroics, so you'll feel pressured to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold be performing them daily, even when you're playing T6 bis.