The healing mace "Trauma" for my resto shaman

  • For me , a 2-healing NB works, I'll just pot my early to get WOW TBC Gold back up to close to full mana, shadow friend during the second ground phase Pot CD will be again up by the end of the battle if needed. I have also runes, but I don't use them unless I am in SHTF.

    That's what I do too, while being with my guild and I know my teammates. The bangle is an excellent option for pugs. It is helpful when a tail swiping occurs or when people stay in shit for too long more fragile healer than I'm accustomed as well, and also a chaotic air phase.

    The trinkets for Healer aren't very impressive. P1. I'm still using Essence of the Martyr + Rejuv Gem as my standard, only really swapping Gem out for Eye of Gruul on Mag trash or (formerly) Blue Dragon on Nightbane. There is Bangle and Warp-Scarab , but neither is significantly impactful.

    They are replaceable, but you'll still have to meet the expertise cap due to the fact that the two offset legs and the five legs don't have 22 expert knowledge. The majority of pallys agree that we'll continue to carry them around for a bit.

    If you get all three and are a human it is possible to remove the pants for a moment, but it's recommended that you keep the pants as a transition piece as you gear up for p3. It's unclear how non-humans respond to this. Perhaps they don't remove them at all.

    The healing mace "Trauma" for my resto shaman .... and watching the screen turn green , with thousands of tiny heals coming out .... it was my jam.

    Edit: Trauma, Glowing Twilight Slope because the healing from chain heal is considered to be a straight healing, even on the following hops. I could heal 20 raiders in one go.

    Edit Edit: The 4 pieces of armor in tier 10 that made your target receive chain heal crits were healed by 25% more in time. This added to the insane output you can achieve as a resto-shaman.

    Chainheal has not been gear-dependent to be cheap WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold remarkable. This stuff was a game-changer, but holy moly! It elevates you from "really good healer" to straight up "god level"