You don't kill one monster to level up attack

  • Jagex answered many questions about the new skill in his Q&A thread. While Jagex is notorious for their inconsistency and lack of RS gold transparency, we were able to deduce a few factors from their responses. It is possible to identify what type of skill is it by using these criteria. It is possible to use this information, since nobody is able to identify the new skill.

    I have selected the most crucial details. Although the new skill was initially designed to be a one-time game, it was eventually made into a skill. It is different from any other skill in RuneScape. It's not like any other skill, though Summoning can be regarded as Herblore. It will open the door to a new dimension of gameplay in Runescape. It will combine with all the existing abilities.

    It can be used for non-combat and combat. Training it is not a matter of money. Jagex has provided the specifics. Skills like Necromancy and Sailing aren't really unique in comparison to the other skills. What makes a skill different? We need to look at existing skills to see what the similarities are to identify what could make the new skill stand out from the rest.

    Each skill might sound distinct at first glance. Woodcutting refers to gathering wood, firemaking refers to the process of putting wood in use and cooking is about cooking food. Each skill has a different meaning. This is quite logical. If you look at their training aspects, however, you will discover that all of them have one thing in common. The best way to master the ability is to repeatedly practice it.

    You don't kill one monster to level up attack, rather you kill hundreds and maybe thousands of them to increase your level. While you can kill any type of monster, that would not be very effective. This is the same for other abilities. It doesn't matter if you're cutting trees or mining ores and hunting salamanders, making runes, making summoning pouches, or smithing cannonballs; training is always about repetition. When you train in RuneScape it's not your wits or real life skills that are important. It's all about the length of time you can do a particular task. This is what all current skills have in common, and what new skills might be able to avoid.

    It brings me back couple of years ago to an experience I shared with my friends when Bachelor Fridge first came out. Jagex was too obsessed with strategy games, something buy OSRS gold I shared with my buddies. The latest games from FunOrb tend to are focused on strategies. Jagex has developed this pattern throughout the years. Certain games are more successful than others.