It appears that WoW does not like my GPU throttle

  • It was disabled by both the monitors (both have the Burning Crusade Classic Gold same brands but with different sizes/models) and my AMD GPU settings. This appears to have solved the issue. I'll be keeping in mind any further issues.

    Original Post: I have noticed flickering issues, however, I would not hesitate to declare it full-on studdering. It's a recurring issue, which makes it difficult to pinpoint. But it was getting to the point where it was making me angry, which is why I attempted to investigate what might be the cause.

    Short story, it is only recently that Windows permitted multiple monitor refresh rates for nearly 13 years, Microsoft seems to have fixed a commonly-discussed issue with regards to how Windows handles multi-monitor refresh rates. For a long time, Windows 10's Desktop Window Manager (DWM) created frame-skips and stutters operating multiple monitors at different refresh rates. This issue seems to be fixed by Windows 10's DWM 20H1, which supports hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (WDDM 2.7). A Reddit user demonstrated this feature.

    As soon as I spotted this issue I switched from having a 144hz main monitor with another 60hz monitor. I now have both of my monitors to 144hz. This was due to the fact that I did not wish to change my system, and my 60hz monitor was due for an upgrade.

    However in doing so I upgraded to a larger main display, meaning that my GPU was now processing much more pixels and both at that high a rate of refresh. The GPU, that was fine in the past for something as simple as Classic WoW but was now having to be working. It was not up to the job.

    I was able to see that, even with all addons turned off, no which version of DX I selected, whether I turned VSync turned on or off whatever if my GPU was pushing it's limit the game would show a certain degree of flickering. Zones such as Nagrand, with all of its lush foliage would force me to keep my GPU in peak condition which ultimately led to throttling.

    It appears that WoW does not like my GPU throttle. Even though my CPU wasn't sweating, I could see the flickering of my GPU when it was at its limits. Addons that were enabled made the flickering worse.

    My game's FPS limit was set to 60. This made the game much more enjoyable. It's not ideal because after a few minutes of playing at a higher rate of cheap WOW TBC Gold refresh you'll notice that the refresh rate has returning to 60, but it's still better than the flickering I was dealing with.