It's certainly possible to experience a false sense

  • Their reasoning to alter the tree of talents is solid. It was WOW TBC Gold too generic and most players just looked for a build and then played it. Talents such as increasing damage by 1% weren't "exciting" however they substituted them with alternatives that were more flexible , and/or mandatory to make the spec seem less restricting.

    Too diluted even for a noob. It was apparent to them that they were trying to attract more people who are not experts. This was not a success for players who were not casual.

    It's not a win-win scenario for developers, I think. Certain players, just as you are, are prone to the flimsy feeling of control and authority that comes from putting points in the exact same spots as everyone else. If you limit yourself to feasible choices that are balanced and have no proper answer, they are overwhelmed, sad, and constrained.

    Talents were an awful mechanic. People who were smart searched for the most powerful levelling spec and then, mindlessly, followed it. Noobs and casuals were sucked into the system. The smart people looked for the most efficient raiding spec and then they adhered to it with a mindless. Raids that were stuffed with abso-fuckingly similar warriors and mages and rogues adhering to the same BiS sets and with identical rotations, led to raids with identical specifications. There isn't any homogeneity anywhere in the world, and there are millions of ways to get fooled and get slammed as a fool by the rest of the world. It is necessary to pay tax to correct it.

    It's certainly possible to experience a false sense of authority and control when you put your fourth skill in "Do +1 percent more" or your 30th in "This ought to have been a built-in level 40 capability". It's a fake. It's not as if you're learning an art or mastering something that's more complicated than what a child's sticker book can reveal. (But it's possible to do so.) I'm guessing that buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold many of people who are the most enthusiastic about Classic are those who believe that solving a puzzle for a teenager challenge is enough to turn them into a hardcore gaming god.