i never have RP'd at all, or at least I don't think I have

  • It's refreshing seeing developers who can WOW TBC Gold appreciate and embrace the sandbox concept and allow their players to play however they wish, and not what they require from the developers.

    You should look into the Friday night bars. I found out about them by checking out the party finder and finding ads for the clubs. I was interested and ended up at a bar/club that featured live music and lots and lots of people having a lot of fun. It was definitely an exciting event for me. At least that's the way it felt to me.

    I can understand what you're talking about I've played it since it launched on the ps3 . Recently, I've finished shadow bringers , was on an FC once , but it didn't last that long , it seemed weird and awkward to me . I've been growing, and I am hoping that with the increased number of new players I will create new friendships so we can all become noobs together.

    Some servers include player-run Casinos and nightclubs, brothels (not jokes) as well as shops (like genuine little stores) and more. The housing system permits us to do a lot ....when it's possible to secure a home that is why RP'ers are often able to host an opportunity to retreat with the community.

    Go to PF and go to the bottom of the page where there are people who advertise in the 'Other category. There are many venues and clubs advertising using their World (server) city-state (Limsa Ul'dah, Gridania, Kugane) ward and plot number , so it is easy to find them. Many have music and help you connect with new people. Many are highly professional with staff who will be able to talk to you.

    i never have RP'd at all, or at least I don't think I have, but maybe gaining character of being in a bar/club by ordering drinks and gambling with the bartender . It is possible to walk in and not converse with anyone and relax ! Tonight amma hop servers and look around to look for an event or something interesting

    I feel Final is on a totally different social interaction level than any other MMO I've ever played. Most games have a social function focused around the guilds and chats, but Final does an amazing job playing with characters who interact with each other.

    It is also supported by some great emoticons, such as bard performances and I'm sure it's true. The feeling of being idle is enhanced by the availability of buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold 2+-seater mounts, houses and apartments, and also in-game marriage events, etc. It's great being with acquaintances.