Now that I have the D Pick and see no thread about them,

  • Unlimited usage, however it must be repaired. The RS gold price of the item is one-time and after which you have to pay a small cost every now and then to renew its stats. Examples include Barrows, and Berzerker shields. The public appreciates the semi-financial security they provide, and the necessary cash-flow they offer. However, they are very expensive and rare, and they can also fluctuate too quickly. This can cause players to lose millions.

    You cannot repair it if you only use it for a limited period of time. While you pay for the item, it will slowly wear down with time. Vesta, Statius and Sacred Clay armor are a few examples. People appreciate the fact that demand is steady, instead of changing rapidly due to minimal daily sales. It is not appealing to people to purchase armor on a regular basis. So what is your opinion? Consider the implications of your position on the economy and for yourself.

    This isn't a complete rant. A lot of people complain about how the abilities are "underpowered". First of all, mage and range are two skills. They are both independent. Melee includes 2/3 skills attack and defense, as well as the ability to strengthen. Second: Range and mage don't get combat up very much, so "weaker" player with low combat levels may really have very high mage or range, and so they are slightly weaker as the combat is less intense. ( I know it's confusing, but bear with me :wizard:) Melee shoots up your combat skill and is more effective.

    Third: A ranger or mage that is stronger will make your levels of combat higher. Because melee is so powerful it lets you climb a lot.

    Forth: The max hit for range is 100/200 (please justify) and mage has cool effects like the ability to freeze, lower stats and the veng! Melee only has these things if your willing to spend! Thats all for now, Please understand what I'm trying to say. I am all for new products. (armadyl 2nd? anyone?) I appreciate your time and welcome any comments. We apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

    Now that I have the D Pick and see no thread about them, I'm going to post one! This is not to mention the source of the powerful pickaxe. Everyone should be aware of this information, as well as the new monsters that are part of the quest. This is my view (or story )

    I started mining since I completed all of the free-to-play quests until I became a member , I got to 70 and was hoping that there would be number of additional mining features, sadly enough , I just found that woodcutting dominated the money-making skills section, and cheap RuneScape gold I was disappointed getting 71 mining instead of the 71 woodcutting feature:box: and began taking on member quests like a quest maniac. It is a terrible thing!