Talk with Aggie in Draynor about the slugs

  • Be attentive to all royal guests who attended the OSRS gold celebration. There will be King Vallance of Asgarnia, looking sick. There is an Black Knight Assasin entering the kitchen through the window. To determine whether the fish has been poisoned, look it up. Instead of throwing the fish away, Savant can use her magic to save it. It will be given to King Vallance and he will go to sleep. It's not dead, but it is unconscious. King Vallance was paralyzed by the altered poison of the fish. The Temple Knights have an excuse for dragging him away to remove the slug.

    Ask the Commander Callon at the Temple Knight Base if he could take a look at King Vallance and ask him to help you get rid of the slug. They'll tell you that they think they could splice the slug away from King Vallance because of the Karamthalu and slugs they brought. The King will be recovering, and you can inquire if he retains the slug's memory. The slug also speaks of the dream of a cave near the sea. Savant will be provided with the location of the cave.

    Visit the port of Ardougne and speak to the guy standing in front of the tiny sailing boat to get into the cave. He is an Temple Knight. The codeword for him is "Dancing to stuff p0x". He'll lead you to a tiny rock in the ocean that is soaking wet. There is a cave when you go to the to the west. There is a maze which is similar to Kennith's Concerns quest. When you're finished you'll discover that you are unable to enter the lair. Your character will recommend Aggie to you in Draynor Village.

    Talk with Aggie in Draynor about the slugs and ways to create the appearance that you have blonde hair and white skin. For a change in your hairstyle go to the Falador Hairdresser. Aggie makes an ash-like paste of flour as well as ashes and water. To capture the Jeunefish return to the rock using the slug lair , and then use an explosive that is super-fishing to hunt for dead youngsterfish.

    Aggie can make an orange skin paste out of it. Each time you enter the slug's lair and you'll need another one. You'll need five rubium ores in order to return to the lair. If your space is damp, you can warm it up using some rubium ore. Rubiums are a great way to warm the rooms. The slug-possessed individuals are likely to be frightened. The Mayor and Mother Mallums Hobbes are terrified of the intrusion. They leave the room. To eliminate them, you'll have to dry heat the area. First buy RS gold you have to eliminate the water. Don't bother, because the room could be able to resoak.