The guide can also be used geared towards leveling

  • Yes... the process of leveling up in WoW up to Cataclysm featured numerous features that significantly slow the game down. It is essential to drink water and eat food after WOW TBC Gold a few pulls particularly at the beginning. Be cautious in avoiding dying too frequently. There was a time when there was a leveling guide that claimed to be able to reach 60 (or 70, based on what you prefer) within five days. The game was also used to play (or 120 hours) fast. It's definitely time-consuming.

    It's classic...mana is crucial. It's not an infinite dps bar like retail. This is what traditional players prefer. Every mob should be in close proximity to the player who is in control and at minimum 70 percent. TBC is much more simple than the classic game, and it's less punishing for damage from mobs as well as mana regeneration. Leveling is also more straightforward for me.

    This is a silly question, but did you get the hunter trainer quest pet? Hunter is the most simple class to reach. It's also the most straightforward for those who are unfamiliar with the game. If your pet isn't able to withstand the rage, perhaps it's fine. Be aware that when your pet is in pain, don't simply go with it. You'll end up sabotaging your pet. You must feel the rhythm of killing mobs by yourself. While it might appear slow, it's because WoW was designed to be slow. It is impossible to kill mobs on your own unless you employ certain techniques like dungeon booster which I wouldn't recommend to beginners.

    In my other post, I said that I wouldn't suggest this to anyone unless they have experience and are able to fully immerse themselves in RPG's and not be rushed to hit the level cap. You don't appear to be one of them and I suggest you look into Questie. I'm certain there'll be a tutorial on YouTube that will show you how to set it up.

    The guide can also be used geared towards leveling hunters. Although it's for higher levels than you I felt it was worthwhile to take having a take a look. It is possible to learn valuable information about classes, and even modify it to meet your requirements. If you don't go through the intro, you'll be able to understand how it functions in higher levels.

    It's not that easy, but patience is the key. It is only possible to pull one mob at a time except if you're playing specific classes or build. If you get attacked by another mob it is essential to ensure that your group has the equipment needed to take care of it off. While killing a mob may take a few minutes it is necessary to attack on auto and mainly avoid afk since there's no other option available and cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold that's the thing some players like to do. The game is extremely slow.