It stings a bit, but the title of the principal

  • I was primary tank for a guild for half of WoD doing mythic. The Burning Crusade Classic Gold guild fell me as a major tank at Emerald Nightmare since the only legendary I managed to get (even though I did all potential farming) was sephiz secret. Confidentially it was mythic ursoc in which they dropped me.

    I know Legion is just one of the expansions people love but holy shit do people forget that it had nearly all of the problems BfA had, it only masked it all by throwing electricity in the participant and ended at a halfway decent state. It even had the same class issues, Warlocks were terrible until 7.3.5. It's actually the only expansion that made me hang up my Warlock and that I mained demo in WoD. I frankly do not know what Blizzard is thinking with class balance nowadays but every single expansion appears to have something seriously broken class-wise which takes no less than a year to fix.

    Where did I state classic has been the savior of the MMO gaming. There's a stark difference in just how classic keeps you enjoying retailstores. The thought being retail is manner of keep you playing is based off of metrics collected by Blizzard and ordered by Blizzard and their high ups where Classic's way to maintain you playing is simply bread crumbs in which you actually advance towards jobs. Ill consider classic's way of farming shit knowing I'll eventually get it on my weekend away versus Retails"come back in 3 months straight before your sub expires to find the next story bit."

    It's difficult to go against the Legion circlejerk however legendarys, AP, and titanforging would be the worst thing to ever occur to WoW. They have been met with enormous positive feedback over 3 of the worst systems ever placed in the game. I was a raid logger and Legion completely snuffed out the whole way I played the game.

    That's one of the greatest reasons I dropped Destiny two, that and the absurd cost of their expansions and also the season passes that had hardly any value in their reward tiers, only zero to anticipate and get excited about. Seeing QOL updates being touted as selling points was the last nail, however. Manipulative and sleezy and idle, absolutely fucking lazy and I have zero qualms stating that.

    It stings a bit, but the title of the principal post also made me instantly think of Bungie, together with Destiny 2. They didn't care about all the player time spent grinding for their desirable rolls, seeing their items power-capped, then having to re-grind the exact same weapon and rolls, only with a new power cap. They didn't actually make the new drops different in any meaningful manner like sunsetting was likely to perform.

    Like the name, you can argue they were completely incompetent, they desired the encouraged player time, or heck, maybe it is not black and white - they were okay knowing that buy WOW TBC Classic Gold their incompetence rewarded them, so they dragged their feet on fixing it until more than a year after.