I believe there should be no need for benefits

  • Speak to Willus and tell him that you've got the TBC Classic Gold armor and he will provide you a special publication. Equip the armor and leap in the water where the creature went. Now you are underwater and the creature is right before you. He is level 200 and utilizes melee attacks and an occasional magical attack.

    He can hit in the 40's but these strikes are infrequent, and a common hit is around 10 or even 15. You can use lobsters however swordfish are greatest here. Make sure that you bring Prayer Potions, too. When you have him 10 hitpoints use the book that Willus gave you to cast a spell which can finish him off. After he's defeated he'll drop Magical Bones. Take these to Willus to demonstrate that you conquered the beast. Now talk to King Vargas and choose to inform him exactly what happened. Luckily Willus has told him everything. Congratulations, quest complete.

    I truly want something like a free for all arena as a safe minigame. It would be really fun and great XP. The area would be about the size of the fist of guthix stadium with a great deal of challenges, ranging towers. . .etc. Like the FoG, arrows will be returned once you die. It will NOT supply runes, but it will yield about 60% of the runes you've used.

    Just like the arrows burst. Now there shouldn't be any such a thing as complimentary XP. For in this area, you will need to purchase the time that you intend to playwith.

    Simply to make it fair for the men and women who have a hard time earning money. Bandages could be provided along with a milder version of their strength potion. The area can be divided into to sections: Place with levels (like the uncontrolled ) in which you can only attack opponents near your level. A free for all area.

    I believe there should be no need for benefits as it would be fairly fun the way it is. For individuals to not acquire super speedy XP by 1 hitting noobs daily you might have a smaller amount of XP gained (much like fighting arbitrary events).

    There could be three arenas: Standard combat. Range and mage only. I know I have not got to the details or precisely how it would work, but for now all I'm looking is some feed back to this thought to enlarge. I really don't think it could be too hard to get geniouses like Jagex to cheap WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold make since it is based on FoG, Clan Wars, Deul Arena, Castle wars, as well as jungle. So what exactly do you believe?