Football fans are speculating about Madden 22 information

  • According to the news recently revealed by EA, Madden 22 may meet with players in the next few months. Every June to August, fans who love the NFL will buy the latest generation of Madden games in the EA store. Especially in recent years, with Madden’s growing popularity, the number of new players has increased so that the past two releases are the largest in the history of the series. Just as the players of Madden 21 especially need MUT 21 Coins.

    This year is the beginning of the Madden hype cycle, but this does not mean that players are ignorant of Madden 22. Most players can already reasonably speculate on the cover player of Madden 22 and the release date of Madden 22. Therefore, whether they are eager to start with rookies like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, or can’t wait to form a new Ultimate Team, they are patiently looking forward to the specific release information of Madden 22.

    EA has not disclosed the release date of Madden, but the information can predict. The last few iterations of the game all started in mid-August, so players are almost reasonably sure that the date of Madden 22’s appearance is likely to be in this time period. After all, the impact of COVID-19 this year is not as bad as last year. And now many players have ended their training camp trip and have begun preseason drills. This is a good time for NFL to hype MUT 21 Coins.

    Although the launch window is important for EA, because of the pandemic, publishers may deal with a revised timeline, which seems to make all game developer projects longer. We saw the release of MLB The Show 21 a few weeks after its real-world opening day, so it is safer to assume that Madden will be released later this summer, bringing it closer to its past late August release window. Players had better buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS before the release of Madden 22.