Developers are currently not thinking about developing Path of

  • Although Path of Exile players have been looking forward to the release of POE on the mobile phone, it still depends on the decision of Grinding Gear Games. The development team also stated that players had better not have too much expectations for POE Mobile. If this year’s Path of Exile does not go well, then the developers will not be thinking about the development of POE Mobile at all. Players should buy more POE Currency for the 3.14 expansion now underway.

    Although in previous interviews, Chris Wilson did claim that Path of Exile can run on mobile phones. But the details about it need more consideration. And in addition to normal Path of Exile content development, they also need to consider the release details of Path of Exile 2. After all, players have been waiting for Path of Exile 2 for a long time, and GGG can no longer lose faith. And once they set aside part of their energy to study POE Mobile, the development of POE 2 will certainly be affected.

    This may be why the players have not heard any new news from the developers for a while. Grinding Gear Games has not announced whether there will be cross-play between the existing versions of the game. However, this seems unlikely, because console players cannot currently play with PC users. Most importantly, as mentioned above, the development team is not yet sure about the form of Path of Exile, so it may be a completely different entity, POE Currency Buy impossible.

    Very similar to the PC and game console versions, POE Mobile will also be a free game. Grinding Gear Games said that Path of Exile Mobile also has no pay-to-win element, which is not surprising to long-term fans, because they knew the game for being the least developed free game. For players who are currently playing, their first task is to buy more POE Currency to meet the challenges of the new league. Do it!