The versatility of the witch make Path of Exile players love it

  • The witch in Path of Exile is generally a character that both novice and veteran players like to use. Not only can it release attack spells that harm terror, but it can also add certain buff spells to teammates when their lives are threatened to protect the entire team in good condition. If players are willing to Buy POE Currency to upgrade its equipment to a better level, the effect will be better.

    The higher intelligence gives the witch an incredible elastic energy shield, allowing the witch to absorb damage more effectively than the ranger or the Templar. With powerful magical abilities, witches can also effectively play supporting roles for other roles.

    Although The Occultist is the least popular choice, it focuses on curses, and the damage increases exponentially. For players looking for chill or chaos orientation, there is nothing more. With offensive and defensive curses that cause cold or chaotic damage, the hermit may be the most flexible advantage. It even provides a node that encourages the use of creeps and provides players with multiple ways to develop perfect components.

    This is a good development direction for players who are currently suffering from no sympathetic characters available. If they don’t have a better solution in battle, they can also use the witch’s escape ability to escape the battlefield. But that requires players to buy some POE Currency in advance to learn some useful spells. So every player should try their best to enjoy the diversity of Path of Exile.