How has Harvest changed in the Path of Exile Ultimatum

  • Grinding Gear Games will add four expansions to Path of Exile in 2020, each of which has its own characteristics, either crazy fighting, chaotic, or casual. Players who play great in those leagues usually Buy POE Currency and other rare items. They now kept those items in the Standard League or the Hardcore League. Especially last year’s Harvest League, which is too profitable. Now developers have added some improvements to Harvest in the new extension.

    They first made various adjustments to the production process of Harvest, which increased the chance of entering the portal of The Sacred Grove. The chance that the map area contains The Sacred Grove has increased by 60%. Encountering the Zana mission requires players to complete a harvest encounter opportunity has also increased by the same amount. Currently, The Sacred Grove contains at least three pairs of plots that can be harvested from it. Instead, players can now access it through a Sacred Blossom map fragment that is sometimes dropped from level 4 Harvest bosses.

    Now, when players complete The Heart of the Grove for the first time, they will unlock 5 additional Horticrafting Station crafting slots, allowing them to store up to 15 crafting options. Those handicrafts with seeds are much less likely to appear. However, the seeds of the first, second and third layers provide handicrafts, and the seeds of the fourth layer are still guaranteeing handicrafts. Please note that the number of layer 2 and layer 3 seeds encountered in Harvest Plot remains the same, so the challenges encountered will be as challenging as before.

    Some crafts with overly deterministic behavior have been deleted. These include most Annulment type crafts, as well as all type-specific Divine crafts. Type-specific worship artifacts can now only apply to unaffected items. However, players can still buy some POE Currency and continue to use Harvest’s mechanism to replenish their supplies from time to time. Nice!