Three excellent Madden 21 receivers are available

  • Alan Robinson II-90 OVR

    No matter what quarterback throws at him, how many times must Alan Robinson II have to prove that he will succeed? At the beginning of the season, it excluded him from the list, but in the end, the rating adjusters had to admit that he was worthy of the top ten. Those who are learning the ropes of the “franchise model” model may want to consider competing as a “bear market”. Among all the people who deserve to be hit by MUT Coins when they are open, Robinson II is a strong proof.

    Mike Evans - 91 OVR

    Some people have lost themselves and have to comfort themselves with memes about games. Others won the Super Bowl and consoled themselves with championship rings. Mike Evans belongs to the latter category. Statistics show that he scored 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns, far exceeding bystanders on the journey. Evans immediately maintained a chemistry with Brady on the long ball, and his highlights were as good as other receivers.

    Amari Cooper-92 OVR

    When traveling from Las Vegas to Oakland a few years ago, many people worried that Amari Cooper would stop producing top products. He hastened to prove that those opponents were wrong. It is hard to say that 2020 is a terrible year for Cooper. Prescott fell just a few weeks after entering the game, and in the end he only had 5 touchdowns and catches. However, even with many quarterbacks, Cooper still walked through 1100.

    Players can choose the most suitable receiver for their ultimate team according to their actual needs and economic strength to help the team’s strength to a higher level. Many players may worry that they don’t have so many Madden Coins to pay them. In fact, they can go to GameMS to buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins, so that they can solve their problems. So easy.