Overview of Strength/Intelligence Skill Gem in Path of Exile 3.

  • Path of Exile 3.14 extension will be available on PC on the 16th of this month and on the console on the 21st of this month. Players who have just joined the new league need to understand what this is like. First, the development team added Strength/Intelligence Skill Gem, which can be used by players to cause damage in a designated area. If the enemies in the area are not dead, the players themselves will get more HP, which will make the damage they release next more terrifying. So players can use some POE Currency to help them have a more lasting battle state.

    And the newly added Strength/Intelligence Skill Gem can also help players inflict damage to the enemy in more ways, stacking up to three times. Players can apply skill chain effects to these tendrls. Petrified Blood also allows players to have a buff, which can prevent players from losing some lives immediately when they attacked by others. Except for the flask, the lives of players cannot surpass the vulgar life, and higher than the vulgar life, skills will consume life and mana.

    Corrupting Fever allows players to increase their buff effects at the expense of some HP. And those enemies hit by this skill will continue to lose blood and cause players to cause continuous physical damage in a short time. If the players spend enough time before their lives are exhausted, the time will refresh again. Players who are familiar with Bloodthirst know that when their health drops to a certain height, they can use weapons equal to 2% of their maximum health to cause additional physical damage to the enemy.

    The game team also added six new supplier recipes and five new equipment that can be used in Atlas to the new league. They can also Buy POE Currency and successfully start their journey in Ultimatum. Warriors in exile, keep going!